Potty Training is an Adventure

Since the last time I had posted about Layla and her potty training, we have made leaps and bounds. I have also learned quite a bit about the ins and outs (quite. disturbing. outs) of potty training a two year old.

The first few days were really going great for us. I would ask her if she had to pee, we would rush to the bathroom, and she would pee. This was followed by a completely dramatized applause and high five. I probably looked idiotic, but it got Layla excited to pee, so I set dignity aside.

Although peeing was going great, I could NOT get her to take a dump on the toilet. I have heard many times that a child that doesn’t poop on the toilet usually feels that a part of them is being lost in the toilet and so they are afraid to do it. So, we got Poopsy.

Poopsy is a TY Beanie Baby Giraffe, and Layla got him after she had 5 potty’s in a row without an accident. We taught poopsy how to poop like a “big giraffe” and it made the idea more fun for Layla. A few days later, she came to me saying she had to potty, so I set her on the toilet.

I swear my 2 year old daughter shit more than a 40 year old man would after eating four orders of meals from Taco Bell. She was so excited about her new found trick, that she now tries to fill up the toilet, and enjoys reading a good Dr. Suess on the shitter.

I am also not sure where she learned this, but my child also finds toilet time to be her “private time”. She screams at me if I am in the room with her, because I am disrupting her “laxing” (relaxing in adult language).

This is all so disgusting and curious to me, the whole process of teaching a small human to not shit/piss their pants. I am hoping with my second it goes just as well as this one has. I also hope Layla never finds out that I wrote about her pooping in a toilet.


2 responses to “Potty Training is an Adventure

    • I was extremely nervous, and I tried to read every type of potty training method to find the best. And then it hit me that I know my child way better than any book out there, so I waited for her to want to go potty, and we ditched diapers completely and haven’t looked back. She was 25 months old. I can say the best thing to do is avoid stress with it, and just let your kid dive into it naturally. But definitely be prepared for TONS of potty messes, and some others you really don’t want to clean at all haha.

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