Changing Time Blues

Oh how I wish I were leaving the days of diapers. I am up to my ears in diapers these days. I have just successfully gotten Layla potty trained to ease the massive reaping of our wallets, but it is still no fun buying a box of 100 diapers that literally lasts ten days maximum for the tiny one. How can such a tiny little creature poop and piss itself so much? I swear she just does it to drive me crazy.

So I have been thinking a lot on how much money I am really wasting on, well garbage essentially. I mean, they only stay on her butt for maybe 2 hours, and then she gets a new bottom. I can hear the slide of my debit card with each new diaper I put on her, and I cringe.

We change about 10-12 diapers a day, maximum. That means the Huggies brand size 1 diapers with 108 diapers lasts around 10 days. And at $22.54 a box, for the first three months we’ll spend an average of $202.86. SHIT. The worst part is that the larger she grows, the less come in a box, because they obviously can’t fit the same amount of bigger diapers in a box. The upside is the older she gets, the less changes we’ll need, maybe 6-8. But that’s still is about $184.64 in three months. So in the first year, we’ll most likely spend a maximum of $756.78. That’s a lot of money for just a poop holder. That also doesn’t even include the cost of wipes, which I really don’t even want to think about.

So what is my solution? Cloth diapering. Yep, you heard it. I am going to start cloth diapering Caroline. There are so many benefits besides the cost difference, that I really don’t mind scraping poop out of them and washing them over and over. I mean, I have been doing it with Layla for the past three weeks, and her shit is big kid style. In her pants and all over her legs. I am mostly likely going to be scarred from the memories of those accidents. Thank the Lord for her new found love of trying to see if she can fill the toilet with her bowel movements. Very strange, but I’ll take it.


One huge benefit of cloth diapering is really the cost. Remember that whopping almost EIGHT hundred dollar price I mentioned earlier? Well, with the cloth diapering system I am planning on going with, I will spend either $138.48 or $233.10 depending on whether I decide to sew them or purchase them online. And, these diapers are one size, so they’ll fit her up into 30 pounds, so I won’t have to repurchase them each time she grows larger and larger. Along with cloth diapering, I am going to be using cloth wipes, which I’ll just purchase the baby wash clothes and make my own wipe solution of tea tree oil and baby wash.

Now, I know a huge assumption is that although I am saving on the cost of the diapers themselves, washing them will cost me more money, because it’s just another load of laundry I have to do. But in reality, you only need a few tablespoons of detergent, and if you keep a supply of 18-24 diapers, you’ll only need to wash every other day.



I am not a hippy by any means. I don’t drive a Prius, I love eating meat, and I definitely slack on recycling. But, it does feel nice to say that I am going to be helping the environment from smelling like infant poo by avoiding trashing diapers. Go me!

Diaper Rashes

Infants are less likely to get diaper rashes in cloth diapers, because you don’t have the availability to just leave them in a diaper all day. Layla was extremely prone to diaper rashes, so I really want to try and avoid this with Caroline. I always feel so bad for their red butts.


Not only are they far from the olden days of pins and origami folding, but they are so freaking cute. If I do end up making them, they will be bright colors and chevron striped, maybe even a few ruffly ones. I like to cover the fact that terrible things come from that area by making it oh so cute, and I can’t wait to get them on her.

So, we are venturing into cloth diapers, and I am really hoping to stick with it, because I love saving money anywhere I can! (It does help that I can buy a bottle of wine with this new found cash, of course).

I am creating a pattern in the next couple of days, researching what type of fabrics work best, and hoping to get some great results. Although, if I end up being lazy, I have some picked out from here.


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