Chalkboard Fridge…The Easy Way

I have seen soooo many pins on Pinterest for a chalkboard fridge. Ever since I had first seen one a few years back, I was dying for one. But there are two problems I always faced. Problem one: I rent, so I usually never owned the fridge in our house. Problem two: I am terrible at painting. I get really impatient and want the results in an instant, and painting an entire fridge is a long process. But, if you think you have more patience than me, here is a pretty explanatory DIY.

Not something I was very interested in. So I left my efforts to someone with less of an alcohol problem and more determination.

Until I went to Hobby Lobby the other day. I had been given two separate gift cards for Christmas, and since I had a baby on the 29th of December, I really hadn’t left my house much. When I finally ventured out, we were looking for some organization items for our office desk. Then I found this, a chalkboard vinyl decal roll. With a 40% coupon, I got a pretty good price.

The genius thing about this, is if I didn’t own the fridge, I could stick that shit on, and when we moved I could just peel it off. But I do own our fridge now. So lucky me. The best part is it took a whole twenty minutes to cover our fridge. Here is the result:


Pretty cute. And oh so simple.

Now, of course there are some downfalls to the vinyl.


It is a PAIN in the ass to get around the handles. And I was too lazy to take them off.


If you want it to cover the entire fridge, it’s going to take more rolls. But I was more concerned about the front of the fridge, as ours is surrounded so no other side but the front really shows enough to take the time to cover the whole damn thing.


If you have a two year old like mine, she’ll be an ass hole and enjoy peeling at the side.

But overall, I am happy with the results, especially with the fact that it only took a short amount of time to get the results I wanted.

What a cute little girl :)

What a cute little girl :)

Happy crafting!


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