Pee out of Where??

I have been waiting for this moment since the day my child started stripping every time she peed. Potty training.

But holy cow did I get a lot of crap about it (Pun totally intended). I am not one to be very forceful with my child unless it’s bedtime, dinner time or picking up toys. We enjoy our “go with the flow” approach to parenting, and it really has worked it’s magic in some instances. Not to say we didn’t have many hair-pulling, blood curdling screaming moments, because there have been so many of those. So. Many. Rather, when it came to the bottle, the binky, and the diaper, we let it go when she was ready.

Here is my reasoning to this, and I know many moms will completely disagree with me, and say “TSK TSK Becca. For shame!” Well, first off, it’s not your child. Secondly, I really could care less if you think I am not doing things right. But we decided to let her decide when she wanted to get rid of all of these items because I want her to learn how to be independent on her own. Forcing her to stop using an item usually caused many fights, and a hatred towards me, because I was the enforcer. The added benefit is we didn’t experience any stress with any of these items being taken away, because she decided for herself she wanted to be rid of them.

The bottle was gone at a year to the dot. The binky took some time, she was about two when that was gone, but she decided on her own, and now she isn’t trying to steal her little sister’s binkies because only babies use binkies in her mind. Now, we have taken on potty training.

I have read every method of training. Training in a day. Training with pull-ups, or underwear, or HEY, just straight up naked. I read so much I didn’t really know where to begin. I had tried to introduce the potty at 18 months, and that resulted in this:


Not a very fun experience. So we took a break. And then, I got pregnant, so I decided it would be best to wait until after the baby comes, because I have heard so many horror stories of children just reverting back to accidents because of the HUGE change. Of course, this depends on the child. But, I know my child well, and the slightest bit of change is like the world ending to her, so we held off.

About three nights ago, she came to me and said “I wanna poop on the potty.” So we sat down, her on the toilet, and myself on the side of the tub, with Caroline attached to my boob, and a book in hand ready to read to her to keep Layla entertained. But to my surprise, she did her “duty”, and like that, potty training began.

I am really glad I didn’t force it, because she seems so much more excited to have this one task that separates her and her little sister. She loves her Dora panties, and she loves getting stickers every time she uses the toilet. Her dad even made the rule that 5 stickers equals one treat, so it makes her want to try and potty about every 5 seconds. Today is the first day with zero accidents, and last night she went 7 hours without an accident, so we are doing pretty well.

I don’t know who gets more excited every time she pees on the toilet, me, her or our bank account. Quite possibly the bank account considering how much a 3 week old shits, and the cost of Huggies. I will gladly like to not buy 50 dollars worth of diapers that will last 2 weeks ever EVER again.


4 responses to “Pee out of Where??

  1. Becca, I just love you. How you capture your child’s precious and important moments is priceless. Thanx for your candidacy on an important and humorous issue to which every parent can relate, even though mine aren’t in diapers anymore. Keep up the great entertaining writing!

  2. That picture of your son is awesome! Perfectly captures the essence of a toddler. My son is almost 21 months old, and has been sporadically interested in his potty. He’ll pee in it if he feels like it, but — like you — I have done nothing to force it (except buying a couple picture books about using the potty). My son is really stubborn and has completely resisted giving up the binky and many other things that I tried to do not on his schedule (I just wrote a blog post about my battle of the pacifier last week), and I just can’t bear the thought of having battles about the potty. Hopefully, he’ll just decide to do it on his own at some point.

    • It’s actually my daughter, lol, but either way it definitely describes toddlerhood. I think avoiding battles is the best thing for your own sanity as well as your kids. I mean, really why make it any harder than it has to be? I am sure he’ll want to do it on his own too! :) Good luck! And I definitely understand the binky, ours actually got lost, and she just decided she didn’t want to get a new one. Thanksfully!

  3. This is such a fun loving humorous story! You are such a good mama and daughter! But you should write a book with all these blog’s!!!!

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