Hello Again..

Oh. My. Lord.

It  has been a long, tiring couple of months. But fear not, I have been keeping up with my crafty self, and I am going to start posting some new things, which include a quilt, my new chalkboard fridge, a hospital gown and SO much more :)

So what is new? Well, everything. We went from a family of three to a family of five. Alex came home from North Dakota, where he has been working, to work in the shop locally for the winter. I have gone from a cleaning, baking freak to a zombie, and we sold the beloved Mazda, greatly known as Dirty Betty.

Whew. I’ve been gone off of here since September, but when I type that all down, it seems like far too much.

Caroline Leah was born December 29th, and we have been enjoying having her screaming, pooping, high maintenance ass around our house. Sounds cute, right? Well, as much as I am sure everyone thinks, and she really is, she is also a very tiring child, especially when combined with the high spirits of a 2 year old.

Caroline and Layla make my life so much more interesting

Caroline and Layla make my life so much more interesting

Luckily for you, I’ll just share a picture, and nothing more, because I am not one of those weird people that assume everyone wants to hear the story of how my vagina was completely obliterated in a matter of hours. No one wants to ever hear that story unless 1) They have nothing better to think about than my downstairs in such a terrible manner 2) They are pregnant and really want to know why they wish they wouldn’t have drank so much and spread their legs so far.

So. Moral of that rant is to never tell your birth story, or just don’t make babies.

Our other addition to the Eller crew is black, 5 years old and follows me like a damn shadow. And no it’s not adopted from Africa. I am not Angelina Jolie, nor could I ever be. It’s a dog. A pretty lab/retriever from the Humane Society  named Harley. But that is a whole different story.

So, although Alex and I don’t get more than four hours of sleep a night, and my dinners consist of either Macaroni and Cheese or pancakes, I have decided I am going to get my life back in order.

I will try and post something interesting once a week, and luckily I have a lot of crafts I have done in the past few months, so that’s not such a bad goal to meet. Let’s hope.

My other goal is to get our finances fully organized (again, damn you holiday season and new baby), my house organized and my child potty trained, as well as the newborn on a regular sleep sched.

And if I can’t do these things, well I fail and deserve a drink. Or two. And in 8 days I can legally buy them for myself. Thank god for prohibition ending all those years ago!


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