Son of a Wreath…

The lack of Fall decorations is already bumming me out. I feel like a Fall Scrooge. But, we have Caroline coming in three months, and all of our money is going towards her and Monster. So I decided to throw stuff together and see what I could come up with.

This is what I ended up with

Pretty awesome, right?

So, I am extremely impressed with myself, and also glad I stock up on sale items at Hobby Lobby. That place is my haven. When Layla is trying to pick my nose, and my laundry is in a pile begging to be folded, I usually venture down there and wish I could sell my body for all the cute home decor and craft shit in that store.

My husband told me he heard on the North Dakota radio station that strippers located in the big boom towns (such as the one he is located in) make an average of 2000 dollars a night in tips. I considered flaunting my pregnant ass on a pole over there for a much needed Hobby Lobby shopping spree. Damn those morals of mine for not doing so. If I did, I would call myself “Overtime.”

So, to get back to my damn fancy wreath, it was extremely simple. I used these items:

  • Twine – I bought this a few months back for a different project, and it has really made itself useful, especially at the small price of 3.99 a roll.
  • Yarn – I had some hopes at one point in my life to be an amazing crocheter. That failed. But it ended up coming in handy now.
  • Glue Gun – You can get these for as cheap as 3 bucks if you want. I think that’s what mine had cost at Hobby Lobby if I remember. I use a high temp gun, but it really doesn’t matter for a project like this.
  • Foam Wreath – This was the only thing I didn’t have today, so I ran down to the store, and it cost 6.99. Not too bad.
  • Paint and brushes – I used an acrylic paint and a foam brush. But really it’s your preference.
  • Chip Lettering – I had found a great deal on these bad boys a little while back. They were only 50 cents a piece, so I stocked the eff up. But normal price is a dollar, so you could still do this for pretty cheap. You can also use wood letters, or really anything you please.

So, to start off, I just placed a dot of hot glue onto the wreath and attached the twine. Then it became a very tedious task of wrapping the twine around the wreath, with occasionally placing some hot glue on for re-enforcement. Keep that twine in line.

Make sure to keep it tight, to avoid the foam to show through.

I found the easiest way to wrap is to just spin the entire roll of twine (or yarn) around the wreath closely, otherwise you have to stop every five minutes to organize your shit. I know that probably made no sense, but if you do this, you’ll understand.

Keep wrapping. And wrapping. It’s a long process, so I got hormonal and cried while watching 16 and Pregnant. How lame am I?

After *gasp* a half an hour.

This picture seems to give a better idea about what I was trying to say by keeping the twine roll close. So, you can do your entire wreath like this, but I decided to go three quarters and switch to yarn for some color. I made sure to glue the shit out of the ends to make sure it won’t come loose.

The lettering was easy too. I slapped some paint on them, and let them dry fully before trying to place them on my wreath. Once they were dry, I arranged them how I thought looked best, and hot glued them on. And I got this pretty bad boy.

Totally worth it.

Cute. Easy. Do I really need to explain this to anyone?

No. Go forth and decorate. And Happy Fall!


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