Broke Ass Pie

Sometimes being broke blows. Sometimes, it causes you to get crafty. I have gone with the latter of the two. I have a child that eats me out of house and home, poops 3 times a day and drinks more milk than a calf itself.
I have to be frugile with everything, which is why I haven’t bought my sanity back yet. But I have learned it can be delicious to be broke to. And that’s how I met

Broke Ass Pie.

This is a meal I have been cooking up ever since I realized I am a poor kid. Known widely as Shepherd’s Pie, I renamed it “Broke Ass Pie” because let’s be honest, when your low on funds, you can throw this together.

The way I am about to show you to make this easy dinner is not what you HAVE to do. That’s the fun of BAP, you can literally make it for whatever you find in your kitchen, as long as you have the three basics:

  • Ground Beef
  • Middle Layer
  • Potatoes

I say potatoes for the top because I have never tried anything else, but if you want to lower the calories, you can replace the starch filled delicious potatoes for nasty ass cauliflower. You are for more dedicated to health than me if you choose to.

Middle Layer is another fun one. I have always used corn, just because my child and I adore corn, thanks to our “corned-out” country, but play around with this. My husband loves mixed veggies, or peas, even broccoli.

So, I’ll stop jabbering and get to the damn recipe.

First off, this is extremely simple and you don’t have to know much about cooking to make Broke Ass Pie. You’ll want to dice up some potatoes, skinned or not, depending on your preference when it comes to mashed taters. Boil these for about ten minutes, or until it breaks easily at the poke of a fork.

While these are boiling, go ahead and pick that middle layer. I did corn, so I put some frozen corn into a pot to boil.

AND this as well will be done while those other two layers are preparing: brown the beef. When it comes to seasonings, I usually wing it depending on what I have in my cabinet, but I do like to throw in some pepper, seasoning salt, oregano, and garlic powder. I do the garlic powder last for the sheer fact that it only takes a few minutes for the flavoring of this seasoning to cook out.

So your on your way to being the next Emril. Say “BAM” at every possible chance you can because it’s just that friggin’ fancy.

Once your potatoes are fall-apart yummy, strain those bitches and throw them in a bowl. I like to use a electric mixer when making mashed taters for the sheer fact that creaminess is my goal. You can use a hand masher if you want a little chunkier potatoes. I like to add milk, butter, garlic powder and parsley to my potatoes, but you can always add in sour cream if you are sick, terrible person. Depending on how many potatoes you boiled is how your measurements will add up. I usually just taste test it until I feel it’s up to my extremely high standards.

All right so you have brown meat, magical potatoes and your middle layer of choice. Don’t forget to strain said layer, as you really don’t want to add the water to your food.

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.

Start with a layer of meat on the bottom, simple.

BAM. Corn.

Then I add my corn. BAM.

Taters next my dears

And finally my potatoes. Now doesn’t that look like a poor man’s food porn?

But what makes it a real jizz-worthy is the final layer of shredded cheese. Preferably cheddar. I would rape this meal, honestly I can say it is my favorite for it’s sheer simplicity and lack of income to create.

Top this bitch of with cheese and send it straight to my hips, cause I am about to fatass my way through this meal.

Finally, throw that sucker in the oven at 350 degrees until the cheese is all gooey and to your liking. I do mine anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how starving I am while I wait.

Monster porking down a block of cheese while she waits.

This meal is not only cheap, but it’s filling, makes great left overs, and is a great way to venture into the field of cooking. I hope others enjoy this as much as I do, because I am getting the eff of here to eat my broke ass pie :)


5 responses to “Broke Ass Pie

  1. I would make this all the time if my husband liked mashed potatoes! I know, I know, a man that doesn’t like mashed potatoes, and they are my favorite food, how did that happen?!

    • I am glad someone else has a love for the starchy goodness of mashed potatoes too. I make this for dinner at least twice a month because it’s just so easy. I would die if my husband hated mashed potatoes, quite possibly!

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