Ermahgerd, it’s Almost Fall..

Fall is only four days away. I keep telling myself this, because like many others, I am a slut for Fall. The crisp air giving me an excuse to wear sweaters and boots, hot chocolate (sadly minus the peppermint schnapps this year for my pregnant ass), and best of all, Halloween.

I never used to be so huge into Halloween, but I have recently fallen in love with the idea of dressing up with Monster, trick o’ treating, pumpkin carving and roasting pumpkin seeds. How does all of this not sound like the most fun you could share with your family?

Plus, it’s monster’s birthday two days before, so we have one great excuse to overdose on candy after another. How will I ever lose this weight after the next one is born when I have all of these great holidays coming to ruin my ass?

I cannot wait to decorate our house with fall and Halloween paraphernalia for all to enjoy, whether they really want to or not. So, I have rounded up some of my favorite decorating finds to share, and I will gladly be posting my results of each once I get back home and get onto my decorating soap box!

 Fall Garland

I love this idea for indoors or outdoors, and if you live in the middle of Cornville, USA like I apparently do, it’s easy to find the supplies for a small price!

The Lace Wreath

When it comes to door decorations, I have found so many wreaths, and I am really wishing I had enough doors to do them all this year, but alas, I only have one front door so I have chosen this one out of them all. I love the pop of orange, I may use a different color for the flower, but we’ll see. This woman does a good job of explaining how to create this too, so let’s hope it’s not a Pintrosity!

Lowe’s Ghosts

I am not sure how easier it gets for some ghostly ghouls on our front yard. Although, the more I want to include this one into my list of Fall/Halloween decorations, I have a feeling my Monster would not be pleased with these. I have come to find she is a big wiener when it comes to anything remotely scary, so they may only stand outside for a single night :/

I will keep searching for more fun projects for Fall, as well as activities for my Monster and I to enjoy (can anyone say “pumpkin patch wonderland”??) and I wish the best for everyone and their Fall season. Some please drink a Hot Toddy for me!



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