Hello Real World..

..I’m Rebecca, where is the next exit to La La Land?

The monster and myself

I am a twenty year old mother of a gorgeous little monster named Layla, and a soon to be demon Caroline. We live in Idaho, and my husband works for a construction company over in North Dakota. Now, I call them monster and demon, but they are my life, and what I live for everyday. But the things we go through gave them the nicknames they are stuck with for life (poor Caroline never had a chance, one kick to my ribs and she was dubbed “Demon”).

I am not your typical twenty year old, I don’t think I really have been your typical anything. I have always lived my life a little bit off beat, but motherhood was not something I really ever could have seen myself good at, let alone being the house bitch I am now known as. I am learning everyday, and love to share my stories of survival and near toddler disaster, as well as my future in Graphic Design, wifehood and so much more.

I hope someone out there gains something from my insanity, whether it be giggles, disapproving nods, or what have you. I am not here to gain approval from anyone, but God, and maybe Liza Minnelli, but the latter of that is probably unlikely. I will post my opinions on topics of my choosing, crafting projects I am working on, designs I have going, and the life of my family. I am not perfect, but damnit I try, and I hope one day I can look back and say I lived my life to the fullest.

So, I hope to write about something new everyday, and I hope you enjoy!


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